Level 2 & 3

 Level 2. As your child learns creative thinking skills exploring instruments and musical concepts, you will see their delight in mastering new skills. They will beam with pride as they show you new and inventive ways to play. Social skills, musical skills and attention skills are all learned in exciting and creative ways based on the latest research. (2's & 3's)


In Level 3 classes your child will experience a whole new level of creative thought and abstract thinking. We use your child's love of music and storytelling to bring musical ensembles and ideas to life. While learning all of the basics to begin moving into future music study, your child will build confidence and self-esteem. This class will complement and enhance the preschool experience. (3's & 4's)


"My child enjoys it tremendously. He calls it his 'school class.' It is something his big brother and sister do not do which makes him proud." —Jane


Ready to see your child light up with anticipation each Kindermusik day?

Begin your own magical, musical journey with us!


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