Piano Lessons

Private and Group Piano Lessons

You want your child in piano lessons                   


Your child wants to move around and play with their friends after school. You can BOTH WIN!


Sitting still for a traditional lesson and concentrating on fine motor skills is frustrating for all involved. Group lessons are the most natural and the most engaging way for young children to learn. Children are social creatures and love to do things with their friends. They are little bundles of energy that need to have fun to learn.


Taking that high energy level and incorporating movement, games and activities that get their creativity flowing, group lessons set your child up with knowledge of the keyboard, how to read music and all the skills needed to soar in future private lessons.
































































Piano classes are limited to 4 or fewer students. (K-2nd grade)


Enroll in Piano class today!


“Jeanne makes it easy on parents by constructing lessons and take-home assignments that are stimulating and fun for kids.  As a kid I hated practicing piano but we never have to tell my nine year old son to practice; several times a day he gets up there and starts banging out songs all on his own.” –Matt B.




Private Piano Lessons             





Limited space is available for private lessons. Students who have come through Kindermusik classes and Group Piano Lessons are given preference. (7 - adult)


Call to inquire on availability of private lessons. 662-202-4321