Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions – Here is a list of some of the questions parents, grandparents and babysitters often ask me.

What age should my child start Kindermusik? No child is too young! I have had many babies start classes as young as 6 weeks. Parents always report that years later those children still love and react to the music from those first classes.

What other costs are involved? There are no hidden costs for Kindermusik classes. You will not be paying for costumes, shoes, gear, supplies, snacks, performance tickets or anything else beyond the price of your membership.

Can I start even if it is not the beginning of the semester? We have ongoing classes with new themes every 4 weeks. Jump in the week that works for you. I promise you will not feel left behind. Your payment will be prorated based on when you join.

My child is ACTIVE and likes to move. Will this work? For every child that sits quietly and watches without participating, there is another one who is always on the go. Both of these reactions to class are normal and every child will benefit.

My child has special needs. Can we still participate? All children and all families are encouraged to joyfully participate in our classes. All children benefit from musical learning and some are easier to reach through music rather than verbally.

Can someone else bring my child? Through the years moms, dads, grandparents, nannies, aunts, friends, neighbors have all been the primary adult who brings a child to class. The only qualification is a love for the child and the ability to have fun!

Can I change classes after I have registered? Not a problem. Work schedules change, babysitting options change, a special friend can only come on a different day, life happens. We will gladly help you move smoothly to a different class time.

What are the Online Materials? Your child thrives on repetition. The more familiar they are with the music and activities from class the more they will be learning, and the more fun you will all have! For this reason each 4 week session gives you access to new music, books and home activities. You can download these or access them online anywhere, anytime.

Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with your Kindermusik experience after attending at least five classes, we’ll refund or credit all of your tuition. The Kindermusik Online materials are yours to keep and enjoy.


"It is amazing to see how quickly music has become an important and integral part of his life. Kindermusik has given us the basic vocabulary to  share and play with music on a daily basis." —Marie


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